Account Manager

Paul Ezers

A graduate of Toronto's Trebas Institute of Recording Arts, Paul spent a few years working as a repair technician with various local companies prior to joining the team at MIDNITE HOUR Productions. His prime area of expertise encompasses all aspects of audio engineering. He as well ultilizes his skills in the realms of lighting and sales, where he develops and sustains the valued client relationship.

Paul is one of MIDNITE HOUR Production's regular touring technicians; his work with the company has led him to work on productions throughout North America featuring such notables as Blue Rodeo and Legends Alive. A valued member of the production team during the course of over twenty Canadian Armed Forces tours in the Golan Heights, Bosnia, and Afghanistan, Paul has furthered his lighting career by being a lead technician on two Daniel O'Donnell PBS video specials, and receiving credit for his work on concert tour videos for Harry Connick, Jr. and John McDermott.