Senior Video Specialist

Frank Cianni

Visually gifted by trade and with his and the camera's eye for perfection, Frank joined the audio-visual industry in 1988, and has been in the forefront of developing technologies and applications of projectors, switchers, and camera equipment. This wealth of experience and invaluable proficiency in his field has, quite Frankly, enabled him to be a valuable team member at Midnite Hour; panning in, focusing on, and contributing to the overall wondrous success of the company.

Frank burns the Midnite oil, and strives and succeeds in creating superlative visuals and providing innovative solutions which directly pertain to any client request. His high level of creativity and ingenuity are more than aptly displayed at many a corporate event for esteemed clients such as IBM, Microsoft, Rogers, Toronto General Hospital, as well as numerous television specials including The Canadian Country Music Awards, MuchMusic Awards, and the Gemini Awards.