Senior Video Specialist

Collin Barratt

Collin's arrival at and subsequent career with MIDNITE HOUR Productions which encompasses working in the video department, setting up productions, rigging, and managing the presentation, stems from working with his father, an electrical engineer. Together they would spend many a weekend afternoon working on the mechanics and electrical aspects of the family vehicles. In high school, Collin continued to work within a technical realm by working as a stage crew member, which, like many of his MIDNITE HOUR colleagues, implanted in him an early and deep-seeded interest in all things entertainment.

Collin officially joined the industry in 1989, working on a myriad of productions, which in turn garnered a plethora of experience and attention to detail that would serve him well in the future. He thoroughly enjoys his current position with MIDNITE HOUR Productions, where he continues to amass experience. Collin takes great pleasure working alongside his equally talented and dedicated colleagues in a most challenging and rewarding environment.